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Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016

Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding

Plaining a big day such as a wedding day is no small thing. Everything must be in perfect order if you don’t want to disappoint the couple getting married. Being that it’s every girl dream to have the perfect wedding you don’t want to make the bride mad by ruining the event. So if your part as a best man, or a close friend, was to take care of the music, you’ve got a lot to do. Luckily we have created this easy to follow guide, so you don’t waste any time. Here are by categories things you need to do and music you should play at each part of the wedding.

Processional Music

This might just be the most important part if any part of organizing a big wedding is unimportant. Anyhow this one should be your top priority. Processional music is the one that is played when the couple walks the aisle. 3415ec22-9bb7-4371-ad30-2c6da9cf63b7You need to pick a song for bride’s walk, and bridesmaids walk as well. So pick something that resembles her as an individual. If you’ve picked a song but don’t think that the lyrics are appropriate just make it instrumental. Many weddings have only instrumental songs of popular hits.

Recessional music

orquestra-de-casamento-violinoRecessional music is the opposite of processional. It’s intended for when the couple walks away from the aisle to finish the starting ceremony. You can now pick something with a bit of a kick. Being that the pressure is gone and everything was in order at the aisle, pick an uplifting song that will serve as a celebration. There are many ideas for a recessional song but to get the right one, you should talk to the couple. Don’t ask them what song should you pick, but learn something new about them and make a choice by yourself. This will pleasantly surprise them, and it will be something they will remember for a long time.

Cocktail Music

If the couple that’s getting married insisted on a cocktail hour between reception and the ceremony, you should start creating a playlist. This is by far the safest way to avoid disappointing the guests and the couple. Having a DJ might ruin the experience of the whole wedding if he chooses to play some rather inappropriate songs. To avoid this create your playlist of essential songs with an upbeat that will lift the mood. Or to keep it safe, make it a low-key music but stick to classical or conventional music. Remember that at this time everyone should be joyful but not to joyful to dance. So keep in mind that you are the one that dictates their behavior.


Making guests happy is one thing, but making the demanding bride happy is a whole other thing. And if the bride isn’t happy no one will be happy. So make sure that you create a checklist even before you start organizing things. This way you won’t skip a thing, and you will be in full control over your part of the organization.

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Must use ideas for your wedding day

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016

Must use ideas for your wedding day

Your wedding day is ultimately about celebrating the love between you and your significant other, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw an epic party of which the guests will talk about for years to come. Most people dream of a perfect wedding, and if you are one of them, we will help you achieve it. If you want to make a truly memorable day for you and your guests, make sure you use at least a couple of these suggestions.

Keep your ceremony brief

This doesn’t mean that you aren’t important and that the accent should be on the two of you, but long ceremony can eventually become a bore. So, if you want to get most out of everyone’s attention, keep the proceedings for about twenty minutes.

Personalized Program

personalized-wedding-fansAs long as we are on the topic of ceremonies, remember to create a wedding program. By writing some interesting and funny stories about you and your groom, you will be able to capture the moment and say everything you want to say without hesitation. You will also be able to relay some key details to everyone listening as well as any information you find important that they know of.

Use Hashtag or a wedding app

There are lots of amazing wedding apps you can use. Some of the apps even allow the guests to upload all the photos in one place while others can help keep everyone updated as soon as you change any detail about your wedding.

Give friends and family from out of town a welcome basket

1200x1200_1443387339448-cameron-courtney-allen-wedding-photos-wr-328-of-5Some of your guests will have to travel a long way to be a part of your big day, to show appreciation you can give them a welcoming basket with some snacks, water, supplies from a local drug store or even some wine. This way they won’t have to rush as soon as they come into town, they will be able to relax and get some rest before coming to your event.

Greet everyone

This may sound a bit odd and you probably already thought of doing it, but try to remember it when the wedding begins. It’s a very important detail many of your guests will really appreciate. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, a simple chat or a visit to the table will do.

Plan your seating chart well

seating-pic-5Numerous weddings have gone by without a proper seating chart and no matter how well planned they were, for guests it was usually a disaster. The bigger the wedding, the more important this detail gets. Make sure your guests enjoy their company because otherwise, they won’t be able to enjoy the wedding.

If you simply can’t pair everyone with somebody, they know and like, you should know your guests and simply pair the ones you think are the most similar.

We hope we’ve provided you with good advice, and we wish you all the best on your big day.


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Tips for a perfect wedding day

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016

Tips for a perfect wedding day

First of all, if you’re here it most likely means that you are getting married soon, so, congratulations are in order. We wish you all the best.

We are sure that you and many more like you dream of a perfect wedding. Most girls think about a perfect wedding since they were just kids and in their minds, they’ve planned it over and over again. We are sure that you already have an idea on how you want to organize your wedding, but just in case, here are a few useful tips you can use if you haven’t already.

Open Bar

Open bars can be very pricey, but there is a way to make it work for any budget. A wedding with limited drinks is no wedding. No matter how much money you have, make sure that you have an open bar. Even if it means that it offers only beer, wine and a few cocktails of choice.

Have a signature drink

wedding-drinks-something-blue-cocktailAs long as we are on the subject of drinks, a good idea would be to make a signature cocktail. This way you will make it a lot more personal for the guests, and it will save you a lot of money if you go with a full open bar.

The Knot has terrific ideas for signature cocktails.

You and your groom each should pick a cocktail of choice, but make sure that you pick a drink which can be drunk by a wide array of people.

Make Your Engagement Ring Super Sparkly

Most times, couples purchase their engagement rings long before the wedding rings are acquired. Since the engagement ring is being worn long before the wedding rings are ever seen on the wedding day, they can become scratched up and dull looking.

For engagement rings to keep looking super sparkly, visit your local jeweler for a pre-wedding polishing and detailing.

Even if you are wearing the newest Forever One moissanite engagement rings like seen at Gerry The Jeweler & Moissanite.com, you’ll want to have that ring expertly steam cleaned and polished. This way all of your rings will gleam for those wedding ring photos.

Keep your guests comfortable

26No matter in which season you’re having your big day, you should always make sure that your guests are comfortable throughout the evening. This may mean offering parasols, wraps or flip-flops.

Create a lounge area

Not all of your guests will want to dance whole night, some of them may not want to dance at all. This means that they will need a place to sit and chat. Most of them will use reception tables, and that’s fine, but if you offer a designated sitting area with lower music and comfy chairs, some of your guests will very much appreciate it.

Keep short speeches

Speeches are a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they should take half your weddings time. Keep it brief and interesting, don’t drag on for too long.

Speeches shouldn’t take more than a few minutes per person. If you want to make it really interesting, have a bandleader or a DJ perform tasteful cut-offs.

Get your ideas flowing with some short wedding speech ideas at weddingideasmag.com

Song requests

wedding-first-dance-classesThere’s nothing better than having your requests heard and fulfilled. Make an interactive dance floor where the guests will be able to request songs from your DJ. This will make it a lot more interesting, and it will allow your guests to hear songs they actually want to hear.

Create a ”Do it yourself” bar

Whether it be a cocktail bar, snack bar, sundae bar or an outdoor cigar bar your guests will love creating and eating their own treats. This is an idea many of your guests will love.

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Wedding Music Guide

Posted by on Jul 24, 2016

Wedding Music Guide

When considering to organize a wedding, whether your own, friends or your clients, there are a couple of things that should be considered as a top priority. One of those things is music. Wedding music must be appropriate and enjoyable for every person attending the ceremony. This includes friends, family, relatives and there is more than one profile of people. This is why everything must be in order, especially music. We created this guide so that you don’t wonder off too far and fetching a death metal band to play at your wedding.

Picking a Genre

As mentioned before you need to have in mind all profiles of people that you will have during the hours of the ceremony. So you need to know what they would like to hear at such occasions and what they definitively don’t want to hear. Knowing this, you can limit and filter your wide list of music genres. If you want to play it, safe stick to classical music. 90701d02ae3da0e5a21abbd900c25748_xlPlay something that you would usually hear at dinner parties. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can get great jazz performers and musicians and have them play some of the most popular jazz songs. This will surely entertain the crowd as this type of music is for broad masses. Also don’t forget about ballads, and soft rock songs in crucial moments like when groom and bride kiss, or when the ceremony ends and celebration starts.

Creating a surround system

020If you are in charge for placing the speakers, you need to make sure that you place them right. First things first so cover the main area. This is the area where the couple will stand and take the oath. Soft music should be played at the altar, so you don’t need the heavy stuff. Rather focus on covering all four corners of the platform. Secondly, make sure that the dancing area or whatever room is intended for the official dance is covered nicely. Now is the time for the big stuff, so make use of that heavy audio equipment. And lastly the dining area. This area should be covered so that every table and seat hear the announcements and so that they can enjoy the cocktail hour music.

Reception Music

8a676276-99cb-4ae6-aa70-aba2175c2a69rs_768-hWhether you want to get a DJ to spin some tracks or just a regular entertaining band, create a list of songs that can go with it. If you want to give the full freedom of playing tracks, create a “DO NOT PLAY” list of songs that should be avoided just in case. There is nothing worse than a wrong placed song at a crucial moment. It can ruin the whole experience and bride nor groom won’t be happy about it.

Now that you’ve secured everything you can start with the wedding. Being that this is a big responsibility create a check list to make sure that you’ve completed all your tasks. It makes things much easier to track.

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